About Camp Wonder

The Children’s Skin Disease Foundation runs a one week summer week called Camp Wonder. It is for kids ages 6-16 who have a very rare skin disease and in some cases deadly. It is held usually in the last week of June at a YMCA campground in Livermore, California, which is approximately 40 miles southeast of San Francisco.

The kids come from all over the USA, once they attend they usually come back each year until age 16 and then most of them become camp counselors to help the younger kids get around for the week. There are indoor and outdoor games, a large outdoor pool, pony rides one day, a zip lines, and other ropes activities, plus the local fire company comes out to greet the kids.


You would be amazed at what these kids can do. Half of them are in wheelchairs, others can walk but have open sores all over their bodies from the disease that makes them lose their skin. In almost all cases the kids are unable to grow new skin, some are less affected where they lose their skin at a much faster rate and grow back at a slower rate leaving their bodies a bright red color. Looking at them appears to be very painful; however, the kids somehow adjust and do not complain much at all, they are so happy that they can play with others like themselves at a summer camp.

All the Doctors, Nurses, and camp counselors are volunteers for this one week of camp.
The camp is run from donations from various sponsors, the Firefighters and EMS Foundation is just one of many to help.

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