Vincent Tummino
Retired FDNY

Vincent A Tummino retired in late 2006 with more than 36 years of active service with FDNY, his last assignment was with Battalion 22 as A Battalion Firefighter. (service 1970-2006). Responded to both WTC incidents, also worked at some of the biggest fires within NYC, during his career.

Vincent is an  Army veteran with a total of 32 years with the US Army and USAR, his last assignment was chief weapon instructor with 78th. Infantry Division. He also served 5 years with 11th Special Forces (airborne). Retired rank of Sgt. First Class.

He is the founder and current President of the International Columbia Association (FDNY) ( which is a solidarity group between the people and firefighters of Italy with FDNY, promoting his Italian heritage. He has met 3 Popes and was Knighted on four different occasions by groups in Italy including the President of Italy, for his work in the “Remembrance of the Victims of  9/11/01”.

He is currently the founder and the administrator of the Firefighters EMS Foundation , which is a collation of the National Police Defense Foundation. Its function is to  provide aid, and assistance wherever possible to firefighters in the USA, they also have an Operations Kids program, and an Save A First Responder program.

The FEF is a supporter and co-sponsor of Camp Wonder ( where kids from 6-16 can attend one week in June, these kids have a rare deadly skin disease. The Save a first Responder program is whenever we are notified that a Firefighter or EMT worker while on duty is killed due to an act of a felony we will go public and post a $10,000 reward for arrest and conviction of the killer.

Vincent has spent his entire adult life in a uniform and wants to give back for his success by helping other firefighters or first responder whenever possible.

Vincent A Tummino